2012 Angler of the Year


1st place Jim Klemp 494 points
2nd place Harry Heins 492 points
3rd place Jim Sullivan 489 points
4th place Eric Brockmeyer 488 points
5th place Dan Parker 486 points
6th place Steve Houdek 485 points
7th place Dave Olson 482 points
8th place Dennis Sellers 481 points
9th place Caleb Warrington 480 points
10th place Rick Robinson 476 points
11th place Jerry Mundt 474 points
12th place Brian Stoll 467 points
13th place Aaron Robinson 293 points
14th place Buzzy Rolloff 289 points
15th place Mike Simon 284 points
16th place Jay Christianson 186 points
17th place Josh Erickson 100 points
18th place Chris Rees 96 points

Big Bass: Dennis Sellers 4.06lbs
Steve Houdek 4.04lbs
Jim Sullivan 4.02lbs